This conference seeks to explore current trends and projected future changes regarding design, installation and operation of marine structures. Such structures are involved in shipping, exploitation of offshore oil and gas hydrocarbons, generation of wave energy, fisheries production as well as for offshore infrastructure construction. The main aim of this conference is to study and demonstrate the vast pool of resources that exists for developing new structures and operational procedures, for innovative and practical methods to operate the new technology as well as the pressing needs for further research and development. This will require innovative thinking from all sectors of the maritime industry, and particularly those involved in ship design and construction.

The theme of the fifth International Conference on Ship & Offshore Technology - India 2017 will be on "Innovations in Ocean Structures". It will bring together members of the international maritime industry to present and discuss the latest developments in the design and construction of offshore structures which will provide improvements in production and operating cost-competitiveness of the shipping and offshore industry.